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CCYC Sailing Volunteer Availability 2023

All Members have recently been invited to tell us their availability for on-the-water volunteering this coming season (2023). Please indicate on this form when and for what roles you might be available. Check as many boxes as you like for each event, and remember that this is just for indication, no commitment at this stage! The earlier you return the form, the more chance of your getting the role you prefer.


Many thanks


Laurie Tennant

Sailing Secretary

For all non-club or non-CCCA events, Race Officer must be RYA Regional or National

CV and RIB Helms must be RYA PB2 or otherwise suitably qualified;

- we can provide training!

Relevant Qualifications
CCYC Weekend Series: Week 1: 15th - 16th April
Members' Open Regatta & Sea Fever Regatta: 29th - 30th April
UK Firefighters' Sailing Challenge: 9th - 11th May
Cowes Spring Classics: 12th - 14th May
CCYC Weekend Series: Week 2 & CCCA: 13th - 14th May
CCYC Weekend Series: Week 3, Sonata Southern Championship & CCCA Darings: 27th - 28th May
CCYC Weekend Series: Week 4, VPRS Regata & CCCA Darings: 10th - 11th June
CCYC Weekend Series: Week 5 & CCCA: 24th - 25th June
CCYC Weekend Series: Week 6: 8th - 9th July
CCYC Anniversary: 12th August
CCYC Weekend Series: Week 7 & CCCA Darings: 12th - 13th August
CCYC Weekend Series: Week 8 & Dragon South Coast Championship: 26th - 27th August
Solent Gaffers: 2nd September
Members' Open Regatta: 9th - 10th September
Contessa 32 Nationals & Etchells Ice Bucket: 6th - 8th October
Boxing Day Scramble: 26th December

Thank you for volunteering. We will be in touch soon!

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