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CCYC Berths


Permanent berthing is available for boats up to 30ft for 12 months includes unlimited use of the crane for boats under 2 tons, pressure washer, and the opportunity to store the boat ashore over the winter subject to weight and availability.  There is a waiting list for berthing so if you are interested contact the Secretary or the Bosun.  Rates can be found below.


Metered electricity is available via 16 amp mains outlets, each controlled by its own card operated meter. Electric meter cards are available for purchase from the Club bar and office.  Berth holders may protect their electricity supply by fitting their meter with their own padlock. Permanent berth holders must deposit a padlock key with the Office and/or the Bosun.


Temporary berthing over the winter months may become available.  Contact the Bosun if interested.


Mains water outlet sockets are available.  Each permanent berth holder will be issued with a mating water hose connector to fit onto their own water hose. For health and safety reasons no hoses will be supplied by the Club for use in the marina.

Can't see the PDF? Click here to download a copy of the Marina Charges.

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