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RIB Booking Form

Click here to access the RIB Booking Form


The Club's RIB and the launch “TinTin” are available for use by Club Members and others in accordance with the Club's Standard Operating Procedure.


In case of double-booking the following priority will apply:


  1. CCYC-run sailing event

  2. CCYC official use including essential maintenance

  3. Use in Powerboat or other training run by CCYC

  4. Use by charitable organisation eg Cowes Sailability, ACF, UKSA

  5. Use by outside organisation (yacht club)

Charges may apply or a donation may be requested for non-CCYC use.

It should be noted that all use of Club boats is subject to the Standard Operating Procedure, which is available on the Club Policies page.

All enquiries should be addressed to the Sailing Secretary (

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