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CCYC Members


Dear Member,

Last year we celebrated our 70th anniversary. In 1922 when the club was formed our constitution was set with the following objectives.

  • The encouragement of amateur yacht sailing and racing and the improvement in design of cruising and racing yachts.

  • The encouragement of seamanship and navigation.

  • The holding and arranging of matches, races and regattas.

  • The promotion of social intercourse between members of the club and their friends and the provision of accommodation.

Our world has changed and we are taking this opportunity to ask members for their views as to the direction the club should take to continue to thrive in the decades to come.


The Committee would like all members to contribute through this survey.

Questions cover (1) Your membership, (2) your activities afloat,  (3) your participation in social events, (4) volunteering and (5) the developments you feel are important.   

There are 21 questions - it should take you about 15 minutes to complete. 

1. Membership: How long have you been a member at the CCYC?
2. Membership: Why did you join the club? (tick all that apply)
4. Membership: What age group are you in?
5. Membership: Where are you based on the Isle of Wight?

6. Membership: Which club facilities do you enjoy and use?

Use the bar socially in the evening
7. Membership: I participate in:- (Tick all that apply)

8. On the Water:  Tell us what you do afloat!

Racing sailing
Cruising sailing
Rib/Power Boat
Volunteer race management
Remote control model boats
Youth sailing or support
Disabled sailing or support
9. On the Water: Are you a boat owner?
11. On the Water: Are you sailing crew?

14. Club Socials:  What events do you attend?

Regattas/cruises socials
Club Laying up/Fitting out events
Tuesday night sailing suppers
Summer BBQs
Cowes Week events
Quiz Nights
Sailing talks
First Aid Training
Race Management Training
Wednesday night suppers (winter)
Themed evenings
Fund Raising Events
16. Club Socials: Communication - Information is sent out in different ways - what do you use?
17. Volunteering: Many of CCYCs activities rely on volunteers - have you been involved?

18. Volunteering: The CCYC relies on volunteers for most of the work on the site and organisation, preparation and running events.

Volunteers keep the club affordable
I believe as a member I should volunteer
I would like to do something but do not know how
I have done my time in the past
I would pay more to not have to volunteer

20. Developing the Club:  There have been many suggestions about where CCYC should invest time and money.  How would you prioritise?  (Score 1 - 5 where 1 is most important) 

Improving clubhouse and bar
Improving toilets and changing rooms
Develop outside seating for better view
Improving storage
Improving berthing
Improve craning
Better office facilities
Improve disable facilities
Develop youth sailing for the future generation of members
Improve community facility (event space)
Diversify for community - to support out of season usages
Improve catering
Improve club communications
Offer accomodation to generate income

Thanks for submitting!

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