The General Committee (GC)

The General Committee comprises the Commodore, Vice Commodore, two Rear Commodores, Honorary Treasurer, the  Bosun, a Sailing Secretary plus four Committee members all of who are volunteers.   The Secretary also sits on the GC as does the Admiral but neither have voting rights.  The GC has responsibility for the management of the Club.


The Commodore is the figurehead of the Club and has overall responsibility for ensuring that the Club is run in the best interests of its members and is chairman of the GC.


The Vice Commodore deputises for the commodore as required and takes on special projects as needed.


The Rear Commodore Sailing is responsible for all sailing matters for the Club in conjunction with the Sailing Secretary.


The Rear Commodore House is responsible for ensuring that social events and the bar facilities meet the members’ requirements.  Also has responsibility for food hygiene within the Club.


The Hon Treasurer is responsible for advising the General Committee on financial matters and ensuring correct accounting procedures are followed. 


The Sailing Secretary supports the Rear Commodore Sailing to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the Club’s sailing fixtures.  Also maintains the database of volunteers that make up the race management teams.


The Committee Members attend General Committee meetings to ensure the membership’s views are represented and contribute towards decision-making and policy.

Mark Hart - Commodore
Mark Hart


CCYC Burgee
Wendy Owens

Club Secretary

CCYC Burgee
John Thornback

Honorary Treasurer

Ursula Hollis
Ursula Hollis

Vice Commodore

Sarah Tarby - CCYC Rear Commodore House
Sarah Tarby

Rear Commodore House

Lisa Guy - CCYC Rear Commodore Sailing
Lisa Guy

Rear Commodore Sailing

Laurie Tennant - CCYC Sailing Secretary
Laurie Tennant

Sailing Secretary

Clive Blount_edited.jpg
Clive Blount

General Committee

CCYC Burgee
Richard Hargreaves

Social Secretary

CCYC Burgee
Craig Dymock

General Committee

Ralph Hiller - CCYC Bosun
Ralph Hillier

Honorary Bosun

CCYC Burgee
Emma Dymock

General Committee

CCYC Burgee
Matt Grier

General Committee