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New Apron


Progress on the Apron as at 7th February 2014



We have continued making good progress since the previous article was written in December (Click here to read previous report) Pat Cunningham lifted the few remaining planks after the old crane was dismantled, and all of them were removed from site before Christmas – mainly for recycling but the worst ones for use in wood burning stoves!


It has been noticeable that progress with the new steelwork, joists and planks has been getting quicker as Mackley’s and Pat’s teams gain more experience on the site. Over half of the steelwork has been completed, and well over a third of the new planks have been installed.


The concrete apron area is still fairly cluttered with machinery, steel and timber, but at least we are now able to use the new planked section for working as well as storage of planks and joists which are awaiting installation.

Right – Work laying the first planks gets underway on 11th January 2014.


To answer a question that I have been asked several times, the Okan comes from West Africa, it is one of the hardest woods on Earth. This means that cutting and drilling (for screws) the planks is hard work, use of power tools is a must.


In parallel with the work on the apron, various electrical work has been undertaken by Wayne from 100% Electrical, and the opportunity has been taken to service the hoist on the old crane which will be re-erected towards the end of the project.

Assuming everything continues to plan, and the present inclement weather does not last too long, Mackley’s expect to complete the steelwork and joists before the end of February 2014, with the last planks laid during March.

There is a selection of photos showing progress in the Archive section of the Gallery, which will continue to be updated as the work continues. Click here to go to the Apron Album.



Andy Cubbage.

7th February 2014







Left - Scrap steel awaiting removal from site.

Left - New Okan planks waiting for installation. A number of club members have commented on the high quality of both the new steelwork and the wood. The Okan planks look most impressive, there really is no comparison with the old ones.

Right – A view of half of the apron from the Marina, with the remaining old steelwork and wooden joists in the foreground, and the new behind. The contrast between the state of the old and the quality of the new is immediately apparent!

Left – Laying planks on Sunday 2nd February. The red spider like machine on the left is a crane used by Mackley’s for lowering steel and timber joists into position. The jib was folded away at the time this picture was taken. .


P2070073 P1110062 2014-02-02 13.14.33 2014-02-02 13.15.29 P2070074 2014-02-02 13.11.40 Mackley jib