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Mobile Users Disclaimer



You may notice on your mobile devices - phones and tablets, that the site does not appear as it does on a PC.  We thought it important to go live with the new design as soon as possible to improve communication with our members.


The issue lies in the use of a product called Flash which is a common development tool used for many years now to give enhanced visual features on websites containing pictures, images and video.  Unfortunately some mobile devices do not support Adobe Flash viewer, in particular Apple iphones and ipads do not have any Flash viewer pre-loaded. . You may have heard in the press about the so called 'Flash War'


Whilst developers are starting to utilise the emerging HTML5 standard which has some of the capabilities of Flash, but not all yet. For more information please click here. Other products allowing you to view websites utilising Flash componants on ipads and iphones are now emerging to help end users during the transition in this technology change to encompass the massive new mobile device market. Most are available as alternative Free downloads for ipad and iphone.   Click here for examples


On Android mobiles you can view the site in HTML mode and switch to standard mode by clicking on standard mode at the bottom of your mobile screen.  HTML mode is a very text based view and it is sized to fit the mobile sized screen allowing very easy navigation on a small screen.  Standard view allows you to view the site in the normal mode and scrolling up and down and side to side  to view the full screen.


Non Apple tablets still support Adobe Flash viewer and should function normally


Please bear with us whilst we make improvements to the initial release of the website to optimise the viewing of our site on the various mobile devices available.



The Webmaster